Transportation Survey

posted Mar 8, 2016, 12:29 PM by Stephen Gay

OSTA’s School Active Transportation Program has been in development for the past two 

years. With our school board partners, City partners and community partners, we have 

been able to support the 50,000+ students who are not eligible for transportation by 

motorized vehicle. OSTA’s program includes: 

• School Active Transportation Charter, signed by OCDSB, OCSB and OSTA Leaders 

• Review of walking hazards at over 180 schools 

• Preferred walk route to school maps for all elementary schools 

• School Travel Planning facilitation with Green Communities Canada 

• Walking School Bus routes at 8 schools 

• School site traffic safety reviews 

• Participation in the Ottawa School Active Transportation Network 

The SAT policy would formalize OSTA’s commitment to continuing to provide services for 

students who walk, bike and roll, to school every day. 


More information may be found on our website under 

Active Transportation.  You can access the survey by pasting the following link into your browser: