School Staff 2015-2016

Stephen Gay
Office Administrator
Laurel Leslie

Junior & Senior Kindergarten 124
English & French:  Enkeleida Naqe 
Early Childhood Educator - JK/SK, 124
Corinna Simmons 
Junior & Senior Kindergarten B
English & French: Kristine Mulholland
Junior & Senior Kindergarten C
English and French: Diane Giroux / Iwona Dabrowska
Early Childhood Educator - JK/SK, 126
Cindy Lachapelle
Grade 1 - Extended
English: Amanda Kovacs / French: Michelle Villeneuve
Grade 1/2  - Extended
English: Mary Boyle/ French: Michelle Villeneuve
Grade 2 - Extended
English: Vanessa Murphy / French: Michelle Villeneuve 
Grade 2/3 - Extended
English: Francis Ryan / French: Michelle Villeneuve
Grade 3 - Extended
English: Erin Silvaroli / French: Emile Hanna
Grade 4 - English and French
English:  Mary Catherine Hogan / French: Jade Lachance
Grade 4 Immersion - English and French
English: Barbara Phalen / French: Nadine Vigneault
Grade 5 Extended - English and French
English: Maria Knowles / French: Jade Lachance 
Grade 5/6 Immersion 
English: Barbara Phalen  French:  Nadine Vigneault
Grade 6 Extended
English:  Michel Papineau  French:  Emile Hanna

Special Education Resource
Carol Ann Bohn
English Second Language (ESL)

Educational Assistants
Shannon Afonso
Sandra Carranco
Penny Mayo 
Sasha Grant
Chelsea McLaurin
Brittany Molyneaux
Julia Haas
Monika Meehan      

Library Technician
Albena Kalkovska

Child Care
Alana Thibaudeau  
Parenting & Family Literacy Centre
Sarah Rea

Head Custodian
John Raymond
Night Custodian
Stephen Mavromatis

About Our School

Welcome to Prince of Peace! 


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Prince of Peace Catholic School!

Prince of Peace Catholic School recognizes that all children are created in the image and likeness of God.   At Prince of Peace, we promote prayer as a means of developing a personal relationship with God.  Prayer and our Character Formation program create an atmosphere in which our teachers can teach respect, courtesy, responsibility and academic excellence.  

Activities, Clubs & Teams